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Featured Artists

    Adele Morse
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    Aurore Lephillipponnat
    Born in 1983 in Chartres France,  I studied at Bordeaux College until I left  to dedicate myself more to my personal art and infographism.
    Still looking for  my discipline at this time, I sneak into the world of computer graphics, as a graphic  designer and poster artist, and somehow persevere in painting until I bind myself with an association, the Tabarnak, live art, with performers painters. From there was born my desire to reconnect with the living material, paint, large  formats, and experience nurtured by years of approaching subjects that become exciting for me in my art and life path.  A way of life that brought me today to very intimate themes  focused on butoh dance, during the 2012-2018 (  all links between mind and disorder in our physical shell ) and approch in 2017 a new episode of my life and research about the  Shamane woman serie , Incorporated nature to express  the relation between womans strength and the force of the natural and animals caracteristics. Faces whose tearful cries immerse themselves in moments of light, when the veil falls and the nature of Human Beings finally appears, in counting, disembodied nudity.

    My technical approach is sober, using almost exclusively charcoal and graphite as medium on canson supports, I define myself as an illustrator before being a painter. Today my technique has become more precise and tends to develop in the future around tattooing in particular.

      Bahrull Marta
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      Bahrull Marta (1989, Jakarta) is a self taught artist. He started the art journey with drawing, painting and photography as a hobby when he was in college, which has no relation with his formal education. His first published work was a retouch photograph for death metal band Funeral Inception - H.A.T.E album records in 2008, at the same time he’s being recognized by another artist from Singapore who interested to collaborate in selling artwork for metal bands and labels. Since then he developed his own exploration of various medium and techniques through the years from painting to digital photo manipulation. His personal works tend to describe abstracts and dark nuances with mixed mediums. He is also known as Abomination Imagery for his work in heavy metal music as album cover artist. His artwork has been published in album cover for metal bands, art books and magazines.
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        BLE is an artist of dark themed drawings and paintings based in Athens. In the “Ornerakis School of applied Arts” in the 2006-2009 time period, he studied drawing and animation with a scholarship, and was awarded with a monetary amount for art participations and distinguished for his illustrations at Benaki Museum. The first signs of his own internal world composed of some strange figures were revealed during this time. Ever since he’s been sinking into charcoal drawing and oil medium painting, mostly creating hateful and disgusting faces, devilish people, animals and creatures. His Artwork is known for the rich collection of deadly portraits and distorted figures usually covered by arteries. How he’s dealing so deep with death is also related to the early loss of his loving father and his art influences like H.R. Giger, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Eric Lacombe, and Alberto Giacometti which are indicatively his favorite artists. His inexhaustible imagination and daily sketching of course, are mainly guides. He has in assets two solo exhibitions in Athens and one group exhibition so far.
        Born and raised in Beloiannisz a small village in Hungary, his father was a train maintenance man and his mother a housewife. At the age of six they were relocated to Greece on law of repatriation of Greek political refugees. Alongside, BLE is a graduate electrician and has worked on technical support at the Greek communications organization since 2006 to present. He has also worked as a cameraman for Greek TV shows, as an animator for short film festivals and advertisements, as a book cover illustrator and as an inventor of household devices. He is a husband, a companion, a fellow worker, a dog owner and a cyclist.
        Christina Tzani
        The deviation by certain initial course of drawing action and the traumatic deviation of characteristics of fundamental form often arise from the seduction of the material. According to Jean Baudrillard, the fascination is equivalent to the abolition of the representation, the distance between the reality of the image. The ink as a pretext, bridges the unpredictable fate of the distance between reality and an abandoned uncertain conditions where the effect operates as a challenge. The fascination is always fascination of evil and attends to destroy the order. The material is denatured and the coincidence with the conscious retains its form in space, which is unbundled from the naturalistic conception of representational art. The redness of the figures hands reveals forcefully the sensitivity of the young protagonists and demystifies the management of the visual representation in connection to the viewer’s interpretation. The project is located on the border between the unexpected and the predictable.

          Emila Sirakova
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          Erin Cramer

          Fernando Garcia

          Gabrielle Fashbaugh

          Irene Acqua
          Born in Sondrio, Italy, in 1987, I graduated at the Gaudenzio Ferrari Artistic High School. Then, I studied Psychology at the university, still cultivating my passion for art by attending workshops and evening classes. In particular, I attended a triennial illustration course in Milan that helped me in developing my own style. I understood that my calling was to create a personal imaginative world where I could express my interiority. I worked as an art teacher for an association and, for many years, I have casually worked as a freelance artist: I realize paintings on commission, I sell my prints and original works and I design logos and graphics illustrations. Beside art and psychology, I am passionate about literature, esoterism and astrology. I think indeed that all those disciplines help in learning about ourselves and in communicating with our deeper soul. While considering myself an aesthete, I find in fact that the value of the art goes beyond beauty since it allows us to meet our spiritual part. Artist Art Illustration Drawing Popsurrealism Indecisive in art as in life, I have experimented with several techniques: oil, crayons, acrylic, ink and digital drawing. I do not like excluding any possibility, even if I try to keep a coherent style.
          I have lived in Italy, France and Ireland. Those different places and cultures have influenced my work which is continuously evolving.
            Ivonne Carley
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            For millenia, humanity has used paper to reflect our desires, to paint our terrors, to imprint our thoughts, and even capture souls. But what if - hidden in the fibrous heart - there's more? What if the sculptor armed herself with blades made for blood and laid bare those isolated moments and buried treasures? What if the paper itself could tell our stories?
            Ivonne Carley is an artist based out of San Diego, CA. Her penchant for knives has made its way into her repertoire of artistic medium with a focus on paper-cutting and silhouettes - designed to connect all things in the planar depths of simplicity and translating it into the emotional balance between the dark and the light. When not poring away at her scalpels and inks, Ivonne spends her time with her daughter and familiars, collecting oddities, keeping the art of snail mail alive, connecting with her Mexican roots, waiting for Halloween, and cultivating her ever growing Trucker’s Vocabulary."
              Jennifer Schneck
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                Karen Sako
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                Karen Sako is an award winning mixed media artist, graphic designer, and art instructor with a BFA in Visual Communications from The Illinois Institute of Art. She enthusiastically tackles life with an optimistic outlook and continually invests her time, trade secrets and findings with her students at Mainstreet Art Center in Lake Zurich, IL. Her goal is to ignite the next generation of pioneering creative visionaries and thinkers. Karen’s unique artwork hangs in private collections around the world. She is a member of the Midwest Collage Society.
                Constantly conflicted between being a graphic designer or a painter, I realized I could fuse the two together and found each discipline complimenting the other. I challenge myself as an artist by melding traditional art principles with exploratory techniques and materials overtaking the unexplored foot paths of contemporary artwork. This process allows me to create a unique connection with each work of art expressing a glimpse into one of my adventures and the people I have met along the way. It is my intention to show you not only how it looked but how it felt to be there experiencing the moment. By using soulful marks and energetic colors I can direct my imagination into existence.

                Kim Evans

                Marten Ytell

                  Natacha Einat
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                  Sonya Llamas Banos
                  Fine Arts Degree, Malaga University. From childhood, creativity was an exit, one door, a release, all behaviours, emotions were reflected in drawings, oilpaintings, sculptures and instalations until the present. Dark sinister and melancholy melt together as a theme, creating surrealist landscapes, hectic and extrange. Public can feel out of the space. Portraits are my main obsession, melancholic faces denote atractive psichology through their eyes, an inner world from emotional crisis, the battle and the worries about world violence. Several ways of threaten self-portraits. Body and soul pathologies, dark side and subconscious looking for sensitive soul through a gesture creation, witout remedy. Threat and destroy the order, impulsive and obsessive work, sometimes is like a life philosophy that expresses itself better than words. I am a multidisciplinary artist, i work with differents materials and old dolls fom local markets in Spain. Main references; Medieval, Renaissance, Late Gothic, Van Eyck, Mantegna, Bosco, Goya dark paintings. Symbolism from Odiol Redon, Alfred Kubin, Bocklin Arnol. Philosophy; Gaston de Bachelard, Poe, Baudelaire, etc. Another inspiration source, old terror black and white movies, Melliers experimental cinema, japanese horror, doom/metal, classic, baroque music, all canalization for my creativity images.
                  Individual and Collective Exhibitions, Art Galleries arround Europe.
                  The Gallery, Barcelona, MIDAC, , Museo Internacional Dinámico de Arte Contemporáneo, Belfonte de Chiente, Italia, Siberviola Space, Store and Gallery, Bilbao. Museo Cortijo Miraflores Centro Cultural, Málaga. Teatro Villa de Torrox, Málaga.
                  Contemporanean Art Seminars with Valentin Madriaga Foundation. Drawing Workshop, creativity and digital tools.
                  Conferences; Surrealist Women,” we are fully free”. Picasso Museum. I work as trainee coordinating cultural activities at the Contemporanean Art Centre, Málaga. Spain. At the moment i am investigating medieval art, tattouing and developing my artwork.
                  Sophia Paraskevopoulou

                    Sophia Rapata
                    Coming Soon
                    Sophia Rapata is a full-time artist and graduate from the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Most of her days are spent in her art studio/dungeon, located in White Ripple Gallery & Co. in Hammond, Indiana. She paints using watercolor, ink & coffee to create creepy cute clowny creatures. Witches, cats, moons, and all things magical are her specialty. Her characters all come from a sacred land buried deep within the soils of her soul. Everyday one of these characters will escape, via a doll she sews, a song she sings, a video she films or a drawing she scribbles.
                    Her lack of interest in socializing has turned her into an ancient cat lady, so now she just paints and sells all over the globe online. On a rare occasion you will find her in costume roaming the local art festivals and fairs. You can follow her daily adventures on Instagram @sophiarapata

                    Yuriko Shirou

                      Zmiya Mochoruk
                      Coming Soon
                      Born 1976 Chicago IL
                      He began painting at the age of 12. He has shown at several galleries worldwide over the years and appeared in magazines, album covers, books, news-print and online for both, fine art and horror painting as well as tattooing. Currently the owner of Aeon Gallery (Illinois) and Arkane Ink (Illinois) he divides his time betweem his businesses, painting, tattooing and family. While he seems to enjoy a classical aesthetic and figurative approach to oil painting, the main focus is always to explore the magickal or occult formulae from within the frame of the human figure and layer the underlying message in a way that can be understood by everyone, albeit differently. While enjoying limited notoriety from his small but distinguished following, the socially reclusive painter strives mainly to maintain the integrity of the message existing just beyond the canvas veil.