Our 2nd annual Rapture dark art exhibition
"The Devil You Don't"
Opening night, Saturday October 20th. Doors open 8PM

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Featured Artists

Andy Sciazko
Andy Sciazko is a San Francisco-based illustrator with a focus on the horror genre. Born in Illinois, he became transfixed with the creepy and supernatural at a young age, inspired by films, music, comics, and novels.  While pursuing a degree in illustration in SF, he began to showcase his work at a number of local venues, such as Live Worms and the Academy of Sciences.  Since then, he is best known for illustrating Nightmare Soup and Nightmare Society, spiritual successors to 80's and 90's classics Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and Goosebumps.  His work dwells somewhere between the comical and macabre, grasping firmly at the strings of an unfinished terrible dream.

  1. The Opening of the Circus
  2. Whisper
Anton Semenov
Anton was born in Northern Siberia, in Bratsk, where he lives currently and where he studied as an illustrator and designer of environments. He experimented in innumerous amounts of techniques and directions, including oil painting, graphics and collage. Now his works have become something with easily recognizable style. Anton does advertising and graphic design for living.
Bahrull Marta
Bahrull Marta (1989, Jakarta) is a self taught artist. He started the art journey with drawing, painting and photography as a hobby when he was in college, which has no relation with his formal education. His first published work was a retouch photograph for death metal band Funeral Inception - H.A.T.E album records in 2008, at the same time he’s being recognized by another artist from Singapore who interested to collaborate in selling artwork for metal bands and labels. Since then he developed his own exploration of various medium and techniques through the years from painting to digital photo manipulation. His personal works tend to describe abstracts and dark nuances with mixed mediums. He is also known as Abomination Imagery for his work in heavy metal music as album cover artist. His artwork has been published in album cover for metal bands, art books and magazines.
Barbara Loveless

    Bianca Olsen
    Images Coming Soon
    "It is the function of art to renew our perception. What we are familiar with we cease to see." – Anaïs Nin
    Living in a world that is filled with outward yearning & technology, I feel my work serves as a reminder of a more quiet time & a more connected way of life. A true oneness with self & nature. My pieces are a narrative for a world that is based upon a symbiotic relationship with nature & a true oneness with self. I feel that my work serves to draw the audience into this now unfamiliar world & therefore helps to renew the perception of what art is & what we value in day to day life. My pieces are frozen moments in another time. Depending upon the emotional content of the piece, I either mount my drawings above or below an altered or assemblage frame. I do this to create different view points - confrontational or voyeuristic images. Above, the figures are standing strong, often in a trance; while below, I try to create a more intimate feeling for the viewer. As if peering through a portal, allowing a  window into my world.
    My work is done primarily in ink, although I am often asked if it is a painting. Often times when we view something that is familiar we don’t delve as deeply into it, not having the urge to ask questions & further explore. I like to renew perceptions of art & find this to be intriguing for my audience. The use of natural elements such as stones & bones & herbs are ways to convey the meaning of the piece in a more subtle fashion. I feel these accents help to create an overall feeling that draws the viewer deeper into my world. The use of bones is to honor the animal’s spirit, allowing it to live on. The stones & herbs serve as protections. Tiny acrylic dots surround the figures, my sealing spell, another form of protection as my figures are often fully nude or partially nude.
    My figures are both strong & fragile at the same time. I like to explore this dichotomy. I have always found stark contrasts, much like the primarily monochromatic palette I use, to be intriguing. I find that by presenting the viewer with these stark & powerful images, it allows the viewer to fill in all the shades of gray for themselves. Noticing the subtle details keeps the viewer engaged & allows the story to unfold on a personal level. I have often been told my work has a strong emotional impact & conveys a sense of healing. I explore the themes of transformation in my work. Horns adorn heads as outward representations of the emotional quality of that being. Crowns of raven skulls & various flowers serve as symbols representing hierarchy within their society. Black silhouettes haunt vintage frames, reminders of a past yet known. Within this world I explore these beliefs of nature & self to which I hope our society will return.
    Bill Bishop
    Bill Bishop is a graduate of Milton College with a Degree in Illustration and Design. With over 40 years of working as an artist in the corporate, and manufacturing industries, Bill ,has original works, of his paintings, and drawings displayed in homes, and businesses throughout many of the mainland 48 states. Works of wildlife, sports, and fantasy renderings , are represented in Acrylics, Oils, Graphite, and colored pencil. His style has been described as  a combination of abstraction and realism.
    More of his works can be viewed at his website billbishopart.com
    BLE is an artist of dark themed drawings and paintings based in Athens. In the “Ornerakis School of applied Arts” in the 2006-2009 time period, he studied drawing and animation with a scholarship, and was awarded with a monetary amount for art participations and distinguished for his illustrations at Benaki Museum. The first signs of his own internal world composed of some strange figures were revealed during this time. Ever since he’s been sinking into charcoal drawing and oil medium painting, mostly creating hateful and disgusting faces, devilish people, animals and creatures. His Artwork is known for the rich collection of deadly portraits and distorted figures usually covered by arteries. How he’s dealing so deep with death is also related to the early loss of his loving father and his art influences like H.R. Giger, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Eric Lacombe, and Alberto Giacometti which are indicatively his favorite artists. His inexhaustible imagination and daily sketching of course, are mainly guides. He has in assets two solo exhibitions in Athens and one group exhibition so far.
    Born and raised in Beloiannisz a small village in Hungary, his father was a train maintenance man and his mother a housewife. At the age of six they were relocated to Greece on law of repatriation of Greek political refugees. Alongside, BLE is a graduate electrician and has worked on technical support at the Greek communications organization since 2006 to present. He has also worked as a cameraman for Greek TV shows, as an animator for short film festivals and advertisements, as a book cover illustrator and as an inventor of household devices. He is a husband, a companion, a fellow worker, a dog owner and a cyclist.
    Bobby Scribner
    My family has been in middle Tennessee for 200 years. We were part of the migration of people from the south to the north after WWII. I grew up on a farm in central Illinois. I always wanted to be an artist. I went to school to study art. I also worked as a carpenter, racetrack groom, oilfield roughneck, roofer, blacksmith, dishwasher, truck driver, and teacher. I live in Woodstock, Illinois with my wife, Frances.
    When you build a house, you need to put in walls and a roof, windows and doors. You don't have to put in art. You could also live in a hole dug out of the side of a hill. That might work . You could create memories of things that never took place.
    Clare Trevens
    I was born in Provence, France. I'm mostly interested in portraiture. I can't represent something else because I'm inexplicably drawn to it... A human being is complex enough in themselves to offer a wide range of emotions, contradictions and subtlety. I sometimes enjoy looking at a landscape paintings or a still life, but I wouldn't paint this kind of subject. Human is enough for me. That's why I consider all of the portraits I make as self-portraits. They may not represent me but I know I transfused a bit of myself in them. Painting as a cathartic process is not a novelty. Last year I attended a workshop with Norvegian painter Henrik Uldalen and I was deeply influenced by the eerie atmosphere of his work. I already had the opportunity to see my work featured in several solo and group exhibitions. I intend to paint until my last breath so hopefully that won't stop.
    Daria Endresen
    Photographer and digital artist, based in Oslo, Norway, Daria Endresen draws her inspiration from her most intimate, personal stories. Observant and sensitive, Daria creates surreal dreamscapes, drowned in icy atmosphere and laden with pain and mystery.
    Her works have been featured in numerous publications and art books in Europe and overseas, and she has taken part in many shows across the world, among others in Scandinavia, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, the UK, Ireland, Poland, Turkey, China, South Korea and the United States.
    Divine Mania
    Divine Mania (Francísco D.) is an Oil Painter & Digital Illustrator, based in WA state, he has been painting since 1998. Themes in his artwork frequently include: Nature, Archetype, Myth, Magick, Alchemy, and History. Francísco’s artworks have been published by Ouroboros Press, and Three Hands Press. Production credits include: Art Director of The International Left Hand Path Consortium, Curator for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival: Seduction Halloween Party 2015 and his 2017 self-produced two artist show HYPERPREDATOR. A few of his numerous Group shows include LALUZAPALOOZA 2018, The Devils Reign (curated by the High Priest of The Church of Satan) and many inclusions in the Seattle Erotic Art Festival throughout the years. A full list of his exhibitions, publishers, and more of his artwork can be found at his website.
    Elena Helfrecht
    Elena Helfrecht was born in Germany and is based in London. In 2014 she graduated in Art History and Book Science at Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen and is enrolled in the Master’s Programme of Photography at the Royal College of Art from 2017 to 2019. Through photography, she examines the human psyche. The camera allows her to expose internal discourses and to translate psychological processes into the visible realm, confronting the intangible, and connecting the mental and physical world. An 'inner space' is extended through the camera and into the photograph. Consequently, the camera becomes an extension of the body, turning the making of the photograph into a metaphor for procreation. Her images are created from multiple layers of meaning, characterized by a visceral iconography. She is influenced by the folklore of her childhood in Bavaria and her passion for Art History, and Psychology.
    Elena’s work has been internationally shown in about 40 group and solo-shows since 2014, including the Museum for Communication in Frankfurt, MIA Photo Fair in Milan, the Fotofestiwal in Lodz, Atopos CVC in Athens, the Click! Photography Festival in North Carolina and various galleries across the world. Articles about her work have been published in collective books like Unlocked by Atopos CVC or The Opera: Magazine for Classic and Contemporary Nude Photography by Matthias Straub, as well as in magazines and blogs like Art – Das Kunstmagazin, Stern, L’Oeil de la Photographie, Academy Now, Papercut and Curated by Girls.
    1. Death and Life
    Eleonora Hel
    Eleonora Helbones (Italy 1979) Illustrator and tattoo artist, graduated in visual arts and painting. She is focused on illustrating the darker and creepy side of the world of childhood through her romantic and melancholic dolls / girls, immersed in the dark between skulls, candles and toys, preferring the gloomy colors and the black and white of her pen.
    She has exhibited in various group shows in Italy and in Europe and currently works in Italy with her new tattoo artist project.
    Esther Limones
    At the age of 16 she began her studies at the School of Art "La Palma", studying in 2000 the Higher Degree Module of Applied Arts in Sculpture. In an almost self-taught way, she begins to develop her work in the field of painting, engraving and photocollage. She dedicates her work to the introspection of the dreams and desires of the human mind; During her career, she is very influenced by great artists such as Otto Dix, Max Ernst, Ignacio de Zuloaga and Zabaleta, Julio Romero de Torres and Frida Kahlo. Her creations represent a macabre game between Good and Evil, with Love and Hate as the guiding thread. Directs the scene towards erotic, sensual and, consequently, sexual acts, although that part is reserved, only guess the most curious minds. "Their women" enjoy and get drunk with an emotional freedom locked in and contained in a great variety of internal conflicts such as suffering, envy, temptation, provocation and the end of life (death). It could be said that the characters possess and proudly show the charms of sin, so much that they turn it into a scene overflowing with romanticism and cruelty.
    Fabrice LaVollay

    Gabriel Karagianis
    I began drawing when I was a kid as a both a means of escape and because I was told I was good at it. I received a BFA from the American Academy of Art with a Multimedia major. Shortly after graduation, I took a painting studio space in Harvard, IL in a building now known as Starline Studios and Gallery, which I played an early role in developing. I sell my original as well as commissioned work. Starline still serves as my home base though over the years I have embarked on multiple art tours and residencies. My most recent work is in illustration. Along with a series of commissioned illustrations, I am currently working on up to 40 pieces depicting Cervantes' "Don Quixote de la Mancha", which I intend to complete by fall of 2019.
    Irene Acqua
    Born in Sondrio, Italy, in 1987, I graduated at the Gaudenzio Ferrari Artistic High School. Then, I studied Psychology at the university, still cultivating my passion for art by attending workshops and evening classes. In particular, I attended a triennial illustration course in Milan that helped me in developing my own style. I understood that my calling was to create a personal imaginative world where I could express my interiority. I worked as an art teacher for an association and, for many years, I have casually worked as a freelance artist: I realize paintings on commission, I sell my prints and original works and I design logos and graphics illustrations. Beside art and psychology, I am passionate about literature, esoterism and astrology. I think indeed that all those disciplines help in learning about ourselves and in communicating with our deeper soul. While considering myself an aesthete, I find in fact that the value of the art goes beyond beauty since it allows us to meet our spiritual part. Artist Art Illustration Drawing Popsurrealism Indecisive in art as in life, I have experimented with several techniques: oil, crayons, acrylic, ink and digital drawing. I do not like excluding any possibility, even if I try to keep a coherent style.
    I have lived in Italy, France and Ireland. Those different places and cultures have influenced my work which is continuously evolving.
    Jamie Jorndt
    As a young child I knew I was wired differently than most kids my age, reading and writing was always a challenge for me. Not to mention, everything else about school except art class. Later in high school I was diagnosed with dyslexia, and everything made sense. In life dyslexia is a curse, but as an artist, it's a gift. Many dyslexic people including myself, can see things in three dimensions, and picture things from
    start to completion. I use my art as a form of expressing myself. What I can't say in words, I say in paint. I let the paint speak for me. I never have a preconceived idea. When I start to paint, it just happens. I now, look at dyslexia a whole new way. Like many artists before me, examples are Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van were all given this gift.
    Jana Heidersdorf
      "Jana Heidersdorf is an illustrator and artist of the feral and fantastical located in Germany.
    In surreal, moody mixed media compositions her work explores everything lurking in the dark and unseen -- may it be creatures, thoughts or fairytales. With her ‚Ghosts‘ series she takes a dive into the intuitive and subconscious to create ominous figures, all hiding their own mysteries. When she's not drawing you can find her dabbling in the dark arts of writing, photography or stalking the local bird population to learn their secrets. Her clients include Cemetery Dance Publications, Amazon Studios ("LORE“), DC Entertainment, Titan Comics and Bottleneck Gallery."
    Jason Guffey
    I believe that we all have a sense of what its like to be lost in the darkness within us. But I also hold true that there is beauty and light in that darkness and bringing out that light and letting it shine is what my work is about. Deep within my darkness I found an outlet for my emotions and that is my art. Without darkness there cannot be light.
    Jason Guffey is an image maker located in the fine suburbs of Atlanta, Ga. Constantly learning the art of making images previously in a digital format, He has now moved on to the historic dry plate process in his ongoing quest to create. Wandering lost in ideas and with no way to harness them in a way He saw fit, Jason began searching for a darker style photography outlet to express himself. Jason saw what he observed as the perfect images and expression. Forming his own style and vision , Jason has found his voice resides within Dry Plate Tin type Photography. Testing Himself with the art of photographic alchemy He has fallen in love with the process and it remains his prime focus .
    Jeff Berner
    Jeff graduated from the University of Illinois with a BFA in Painting and Art Education and it is there that he began his pursuit of infinitely smaller details. He works primarily in pen and ink, while exploring themes of cosmic and dark art; tapping in to experimental illustrations as a muse. Jeff draws further inspiration from nature, literature, and extreme music. He has been published in a variety of illustration books, designed album covers and regularly exhibit his meticulously stippled art at various galleries throughout the mid-west area
    Karen Sako
    Karen Sako is an award winning mixed media artist, graphic designer, and art instructor with a BFA in Visual Communications from The Illinois Institute of Art. She enthusiastically tackles life with an optimistic outlook and continually invests her time, trade secrets and findings with her students at Mainstreet Art Center in Lake Zurich, IL. Her goal is to ignite the next generation of pioneering creative visionaries and thinkers. Karen’s unique artwork hangs in private collections around the world. She is a member of the Midwest Collage Society.
    Constantly conflicted between being a graphic designer or a painter, I realized I could fuse the two together and found each discipline complimenting the other. I challenge myself as an artist by melding traditional art principles with exploratory techniques and materials overtaking the unexplored foot paths of contemporary artwork. This process allows me to create a unique connection with each work of art expressing a glimpse into one of my adventures and the people I have met along the way. It is my intention to show you not only how it looked but how it felt to be there experiencing the moment. By using soulful marks and energetic colors I can direct my imagination into existence.

    1. Untitled Woman
    2. Spiders and Cupcakes
    Karl Jahnke
    As an artist I often feel as though I am taking the long way home. Every piece represents a different journey, provoking questions and new lessons, each fueling a desire to see what comes next. This anticipation, this discovery, is what above all else drives my art and produces works that are woven with affection and passion. Each sculpture or painting is more than a piece of art - it is an intimate reflection of a newly discovered adventure.
    Kurt Kreisel
    Organic change is erratic in a fluid way.  The variations of nature are continuous.  While the whole of transformation is an unstoppable force, points in its continuum are able to be marked; observed; impressed; apprehended.  These points are forms, perceivable and definable.  Defining forms; naming them, calling them- opens the great occurrence of transformation.  Our definitions abstract from the assembly of things moving together in time and space.  It can be said that we stop what we articulate.
    I call out and stop pieces of transformation.  I look at the space between emergence and drift and choose moments to seize, develop, and relay.  I reflect senses from the whole world of change and refract them into our own- light becoming breath; response becoming sensuality; lust becoming intimacy; physicality becoming spiritual ecstasy.  I explore the properties of sensate life in mixed media:  oil & acrylic paint, graphite, and digital.  I celebrate the realm where what is moves to what may be.

    Kurt Kreissl is a painter whose work focuses on organic form and fluid movement often incorporating figurative elements and portraiture.  Utilizing various mediums, including oil, acrylic, graphite, and digital formats, his vision comes to fruition. Kurt was raised across the United States, finally settling in Chicago, IL where he earned a BFA from DePaul University specializing in graphic design. During this time, Kurt honed his artistic talent discerning his passion for painting, both in acrylic and oil. He was awarded a private student gallery show at DePaul. Since graduation, he has been doing primarily commission works for private clients and collectors.  In addition, he has been a part of various group and juried exhibitions.
    Marc Potts
    Marc Potts is an illustrator and fine artist, living and working in the South-west of England, Folklore and mythology often inspire his paintings, which often stray from the natural world to the unnatural, and even occasionally dipping into the dark urban and the alien. His work is sometimes seen as an attempt to merge fantasy with spirituality, but often with a definite nod towards the macabre and the bizarre. Marc is best known previously for his more story-book illustrative work, but more recently for his darker art, portraits and figurative work.
    Marc's art has appeared on a number of book and magazine covers and he has illustrated a variety of publications and been included in collective art books. Marc has also contributed art to publications like ImagineFX and produced album covers for a number of bands.

    Marc has been juried into the annual IX show six times to date, and his original artwork is collected worldwide

    Matt Lombard

    I have been working in photography and digital format for the past 20 years. I currently reside in Wisconsin with my wife and our four cats. My work has a surreal and strange element to most of the themes I explore. I have always been attracted to extremes in all forms. I believe this inevitably leaks out of my subconscious and is reborn in my imagery like some sort of dark spiritual voice looking for a doorway to sail through.  I find a lot of inspiration in lighting and textures, especially in black and white photographic work. I began as a photographer but the digital field seemed an inevitable progression for me. I envisioned so much more for the photographs I captured and found working digitally a perfect fit for what I needed to do to get the image to its final resting place so to speak. Projects for 2017 include a few collaborations and the release of my latest book “The God Beneath the Scars”. There will be three different editions which will include work from the past 8 years.
     “Lombard births these mythical creatures, each as their own entity, each with their own function and perspective. Each representing and commenting on another aspect of horror. One must attempt to assume those perspectives to understand their aesthetic intent. (Despite that being an impossibility. Since there can only ever be silence between artist and audience. Silence and misunderstanding. Each side wishing to impose their perspective on the other, when each perspective is autonomous and self-contained. The attempt at perspectivism saying more about the critic than the artist.) But the notion that each image connects to a specific horror only adds to the aesthetic appeal. As Bataille wrote in the introduction to his story Madame Edwarda: "Horror increases the attraction." -- We yearn for suffering and abjection, debasement and decay, and are overjoyed when we find it in art. As Ann Radcliffe argued: horror "contracts, freezes and nearly annihilates" those who perceive it, and the experience of that annihilation is what we seek in art. We want art to negate everything we are. We want art to dissolve us and ruin our lives. Because without extreme experiences, why even bother?”
    Except from “The God Beneath the Scars” (Kevin Pinkerton 2016)

    Michael Peter Howells

    Michael Spence
    Michael Spence is best known for his paintings depicting apocalyptic figurative imagery,  pieces that combine surrealistic atmospheres with a limited palette to create unsettling works of art. “The paintings are the end result of my interest in the great occulted mysteries of human existence. Many aspects of life cannot be known or understood by us,  death,  for example.  My focus as an artist is to materialize,  at the very least,  a tiny fraction of the limitless unknown by way of painted imagery.”

    Nadja Ellinger
    Nadja Ellinger is a 25 year old Photograher and Artist based in Munich, Germany. Purchasing her first camera at the age of 18, photography since then has become her true companion. In 2013 Nadja decided to pursue a formal education in photography and design at the University of Applied Science in Munich. 2015 she moved to London for half a year to work as an photography and production assistant. From 2016 to 2017, back in Munich, she began as retoucher in a local agency for international brands, while still working on her own projects. 2017 the long term project “But A Mermaid Has No Tears” was published as a book and displayed in local galleries.

    I use photography to visualize my inner feelings, fears and thoughts to gain a better understanding of myself and my relationship to my environment. Lately, I’ve been engaged with the topic of fairy tales. They offer a wide spectrum to communicate about inner processes. Based on the dream interpretation of Freud and with the modern findings after Bettelheim and Kast, I create fantasy worlds that appeal to the viewer in a personal and direct way. Through the overdetermining of the symbolism, it is possible to reach the viewer in different ways and thus make the story personally experienceable. The outbreak of the immediate political and social context enables a space free of prejudice, in which one can fantasize and experience without constraints.
    Nathan Ryan
    Born into an artistic environment, I have always had a knack for creativity. Starting out I used graphite almost exclusively up until my recent years where I have begun to broaden my range of mediums to create mixed media pieces. These pieces have found themselves on gallery walls, school hallways and in the homes of those who enjoy my work. I am looking forward to continuing my study of what art is and how those before me have created extraodinary works. I hope to be able to do the same in the future while still staying true to my own style.
    Nihil is a french artist living in Norway. Inspired by indian and nordic sacred texts, medieval religious art, psychedelic trips and life experiences in hospitals, his work reflects on transcendence, identity and individuality. His images are portraits of saints and martyrs who lost their humanity to drown in divine serenity. They use the codes of religious art to illustrate the sanctification processus through and beyond suffering and sickness.
    Three personal exhibitions have been dedicated to his work in Paris, Berlin and Dublin. His artworks are also part of the permanent collection of the Contemporary art museum in Sicily and were featured in numerous art shows in USA and Europe along with artists like David Lynch, Marilyn Manson, Ernst Fuchs, H.R. Giger, Alejandro Jodorowsky etc. His first artbook [VENTRE] has been published in 2016. His images are routinely used as reference or inspiration by artists C215, Daria Endresen, Brooke Shaden and many others.
    Nisus L'art
    Nisus was born in Greece, leaving at an early age for Russia and studied art from an early age in professional artists' studios. The artist graduated in visual art in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Now she lives and works in England. Nisus L'art art was exhibited and shown in the UK, Greece and Russia. At present her works are presented by Gallery Lily Clifford and the Client Gallery, London. She has had many requests and has done versions commission works for private collectors across the globe . Her art shows humans and demons, the essence of a person. Nisus works in different medias, she enjoys the feeling of different textures, moods which I cannot explain. I think every artwork comes to me with it is own message which expresses the emotion in the way that holds it best, people say to me that they see their selves in my art and they can feel the soul. " I know that you cannot find romantic beauty or sunshine moods in my works, I do paint emotions that we wish to throw away. The power in that one static moment when a tear burns the eye and leaves the red scar on your soul -that moment reveals my art, I wish to take the mask away and to manifest the all hidden true faces, sad or scary, an expression of tempted or damaged souls".
    Ryan Morris
     Ryan Morris is an oil painter and drawing artist currently based in Kent, OH, where he is finishing his MFA in painting at Kent State University. He is the father of a beautiful three year old boy and is an amateur naturalist and musician.

    Artist statement:
    “My most recent body of work is an exploration into melancholic depression, existential nihilism, and the general anxieties that accompany the burden of consciousness. I see the human figure in my work as a blank slate, in which the universe has projected itself upon. I use the surrealist method of automatic drawing to discover my compositions and figures. The figure on the paper is a product of chaos and chance, much like how biological life on our planet is a product of chaos and chance. I want to find these parallels in my work in hopes of uncovering sacred truths of our reality. I believe the universe to be naturally hostile and indifferent towards life. Yet, here we are, amidst the rolling turmoil of creation, trying to find purpose and meaning. If we are, as a species, the expression of a collective, universal consciousness, then why are we so masochistic? We suffer endlessly by our own hand, and maybe we are in a hole too deep to crawl back out of. “
    1. Salvation
    Sara Samolitis

    Shanna Koltz
    I started “Studio Rouge" to manage and market my fine-art photography business. Most of my work is centered around portraiture and storytelling. Taking photos of the world around me is how I connect with my spiritual self. Even though I love nature photography, my primary interests lie in the emotional nature of human dynamics, both internal and interpersonal. I strive to find the beauty throughout the course of everyday life and interactions. I believe that imperfections are beautiful. Every wrinkle on the face and every scar on the body are earned and should be worn like a badge of honor because they are the ingredients to a deeper understanding of life. I draw concepts from my childhood, my dreams, my fears and society. I am always searching rummage sales, estate sales and thrift stores looking for pieces to pull my ideas/sets together. There is always a story waiting to be told. 
    I am a multi-award winning photographer and digital artist. My work has been featured in magazines, books, galleries, at museums and shown internationally.  I am an ambassador and instructor for Camera Corner Connecting Point in Green Bay.  I am a member of Green Bay Art Colony of Woman and a member of the North East Wisconsin Artist Association.  I was nominated as a Fox Cities Artist to watch for 2018 and  I was a You Magazines Woman to know in 2015.
    Sonya Llamas Banos
    Fine Arts Degree, Malaga University. From childhood, creativity was an exit, one door, a release, all behaviours, emotions were reflected in drawings, oilpaintings, sculptures and instalations until the present. Dark sinister and melancholy melt together as a theme, creating surrealist landscapes, hectic and extrange. Public can feel out of the space. Portraits are my main obsession, melancholic faces denote atractive psichology through their eyes, an inner world from emotional crisis, the battle and the worries about world violence. Several ways of threaten self-portraits. Body and soul pathologies, dark side and subconscious looking for sensitive soul through a gesture creation, witout remedy. Threat and destroy the order, impulsive and obsessive work, sometimes is like a life philosophy that expresses itself better than words. I am a multidisciplinary artist, i work with differents materials and old dolls fom local markets in Spain. Main references; Medieval, Renaissance, Late Gothic, Van Eyck, Mantegna, Bosco, Goya dark paintings. Symbolism from Odiol Redon, Alfred Kubin, Bocklin Arnol. Philosophy; Gaston de Bachelard, Poe, Baudelaire, etc. Another inspiration source, old terror black and white movies, Melliers experimental cinema, japanese horror, doom/metal, classic, baroque music, all canalization for my creativity images.
    Individual and Collective Exhibitions, Art Galleries arround Europe.
    The Gallery, Barcelona, MIDAC, , Museo Internacional Dinámico de Arte Contemporáneo, Belfonte de Chiente, Italia, Siberviola Space, Store and Gallery, Bilbao. Museo Cortijo Miraflores Centro Cultural, Málaga. Teatro Villa de Torrox, Málaga.
    Contemporanean Art Seminars with Valentin Madriaga Foundation. Drawing Workshop, creativity and digital tools.
    Conferences; Surrealist Women,” we are fully free”. Picasso Museum. I work as trainee coordinating cultural activities at the Contemporanean Art Centre, Málaga. Spain. At the moment i am investigating medieval art, tattouing and developing my artwork.
    Sophia Rapata
    Sophia Rapata is a full-time artist and graduate from the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Most of her days are spent in her art studio/dungeon, located in White Ripple Gallery & Co. in Hammond, Indiana. She paints using watercolor, ink & coffee to create creepy cute clowny creatures. Witches, cats, moons, and all things magical are her specialty. Her characters all come from a sacred land buried deep within the soils of her soul. Everyday one of these characters will escape, via a doll she sews, a song she sings, a video she films or a drawing she scribbles.
    Her lack of interest in socializing has turned her into an ancient cat lady, so now she just paints and sells all over the globe online. On a rare occasion you will find her in costume roaming the local art festivals and fairs. You can follow her daily adventures on Instagram @sophiarapata

    Turi Avola
    Turi Avola was born in Herford (Germany) on the 09th of August 1977. When he was five, his family moved to Giarratana a small town in the south east of Sicily, their homeland. This event generated in him an explosion of creativity and the result was an interest in many art forms. Today he’s living in Rome and in the early 2000s he was a painter and during his studies about that, he was particularly fascinated by the Dadaists and Surrealists. Turi started to take photos of different girls/models to get inspiration, but he has interest in their individual personality too, to create paintings. It was 2012 when, after a photo shooting located in an abandoned farmstead, the only outdoor one, he came across some photos that already were works of art in it-self; they didn’t need to be completed with brushes. Such occurrence created in him a huge inner conflict: “painter or photographer”? The in-depth study of artists such as Man Ray, Bellmer, Woodman, Witkin, Bunuel, Svankmyer and so on, allowed him to experience a breakthrough in his creative phase and also gave him the urge to use the camera as a meaning of expression. His own art is an obsession for him, as for most of the artists. Turi need to create with his camera to develop his vision and he need to free his mind through his art. Turi focuses his attention on the creation of a photographic series, 2015 was the turn of Game in the Box where it is possible to admire the movement of bodies sectioned by plays of light inside a wooden box, it was exhibited for the first time in the Cell63 Gallery of Berlin. But we must wait a year after to admire the most representative work of the artistic path of Turi Avola, On 20 March 2016 publishes Excessus Mentis twelve expressions of the state of ecstasy. From the very beginning many of Italian and international magazines talk about Excessus Mentis, thus starting also the distribution of the catalogue (the holy pictures box).
    Turi today is working on a new project involving more than 20 interpreters but as done previously, he will keep it secret until its publication date.
    Zmiya Mochoruk
    Born 1976 Chicago IL
    He began painting at the age of 12. He has shown at several galleries worldwide over the years and appeared in magazines, album covers, books, news-print and online for both, fine art and horror painting as well as tattooing. Currently the owner of Aeon Gallery (Illinois) and Arkane Ink (Illinois) he divides his time betweem his businesses, painting, tattooing and family. While he seems to enjoy a classical aesthetic and figurative approach to oil painting, the main focus is always to explore the magickal or occult formulae from within the frame of the human figure and layer the underlying message in a way that can be understood by everyone, albeit differently. While enjoying limited notoriety from his small but distinguished following, the socially reclusive painter strives mainly to maintain the integrity of the message existing just beyond the canvas veil.